Cannot connect

I got a new 16GB micro SD for my RPi3 to install OH2. I burned the 2/18/17 image file using Etcher on the SD and turned on the Pi.

The setup automatically begins, but it gets stuck on “Retrieving gcc-4.9-base”. I’ve been letting it run for hours now and it can’t get past that point. I checked the logs and found below:

wget: can't connect to remote host ( Connection timed out
E: Couldn't download pool/main/g/gcc-4.9/gcc-4.9-base_4.9.2-10_armhf.deb!

Oh noes, something went wrong!
You have 10 seconds to hit ENTER to get a shell...

Is there an updated image file with the correct IP, or a new image with the corrected IP?

Did you try to follow the instructions here:

I wasn’t doing the manual setup.

Whatever the issue happened to be, it resolved itself this morning. The setup ran with no issues.

glad to hear that you got it working

I have got exactly the same problem and error message (except different host on my new RPi3.
Any clue on how it was fixed? It goes in a loop, just let it run over night or what?
Thanks, Urban

I did let it run over night, but I knew there would be a lot of logs generated for the error. I re-imaged the SD card (about the 4th time) and it ran perfectly this morning. I think the IP was simply timing out. As a side note, I was able to ping the IP separately.