Cannot connect to Openhabian on RPi via browser after using the hassle-free installation guide

Hi. I am using openhab for my project.
I have followed the hassle-free installation guide
i have installed the latest openHABian image (prepackaged) in a SD card using Etcher, i connected the RPi to ethernet and power (waited for hours). However, I cannot connect to the dashboard. I used Safari and Chrome browsers.

How long did you wait?

Wait approximately 15-45 minutes for openHABian to do its magic.
(You can check the progress in your web-browser here.)

Can you login via SSH ?
If no, ensure Internet connectivity incl. DHCP, DNS and NTP work and reboot.
If yes, check /boot/first-boot.log

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I have waited for more than 45 minutes. This link was also provided in the guide; when I click on it, nothing shows up.

What happens if you go to http://n.n.n.n:8080 where you replace n.n.n.n with your server up address?

I connected the RPi with an ethernet connection to the college network; I tried Nmap to get the IP address of the RPi but could not find it. I tried to manually set up the wifi in the openhabian.config file in the SD card but also could not because the parameters were only ssid and psk whereas my college network requires a username and password.

First, a disclaimer. I work in the Wi-Fi team at a US University, particularly on the 802.1X settings needed for username & password.
Here we have a separate network for devices like game systems & the RPi. We require the device mac address to be registered for access to that network. Perhaps your college IT department gas set up something similar that could work for you.

As @Bruce_Osborne said, your university’s quasi-public wifi system is likely blocking your ability to access your RPi. Hopefully your IT department is as helpful as Bruce and his team are…but I also work at at a university and I’m fairly certain our IT guys would not be as friendly. :wink:

Alternatively, you could get a cheap wifi router to connect to your RPi. It probably wouldn’t be a great permanent solution for various reasons, but if this is specifically for a project then it might do in a pinch.

Where is the Downvote button? :scream:
Doing that would most certainly interfere with the college system, giving them the grounds to confiscate it.

I suspect it is possible to connect Raspbian to the 802.1X network. I just have not done it, personally. Do their device onboarding instructions have a Linux option? We use a web service to make onboarding to our network easier.

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Sorry, wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean to connect it to the college network. @arvvai mentioned that this is a project, so I meant they could just set up a personal network to access the RPi without Internet access. But as I think that through, you’d still need Internet access to get bindings and updates.

So, I’m also downvoting my earlier post.

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I did not address that either.
The RF air space is Most RPi only use the 2.4GHz band which only has 3 non-overlapping Wi-Fi channels. Any other access point would interfere with the campus system. There is complex logic coordinating the campus system to reduce interference as much as possibly while maintaining good throughput.

Depending on the model. perhaps they could get a wired Ethernet connection to the network. We are no longer doing that in the residences here though.

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