Cannot connect via HABcloud

Is there something wrong with OH cloud ?

I installed the OpenHAB Cloud Connector add-on, and setup my account in OH cloud. Then I clicked on the link received ny by eMail.

then copied the value from /var/lib/openhab2/uuid to the OpenHAB UUID on the MyAccount page
then copied the value from /var/lib/openhab2/openhabcloud/secret to the OpenHAB secret on the MyAccount page

Cloud is showing my OH2 install as OFFLINE. It is running fine locally - I can connect to it locally.

Then I restarted OH2 and repeated the above. No difference.

There is nothing in the openhab2.log or events.log files referring to cloud instance other than "Shutting down openHAB Cloud service connection" in openhab.log, when restarting OH2.

At I can “see” my mobile listed and, I can send a notification to it, from the openHAB Cloud - Devices page. So it surely is connected - but it isnt !
MMM, wierd?

Never mind. Fixed.