Cannot control Hue Bulbs

I cannot figure out how to link my bulbs to my sitemap, I’ve scoured the forum for solutions but nothing seems to be working. I’m assuming that there’s something wrong with the syntax of my binding configuration in my .items file, I have posted all of the files below.


Switch Light1_Toggle {channel=“hue:LCT014:1:0017886c54f4:color” }


Switch item=Light1_Toggle


Any suggestions?

The channel you are using in the Item is very different from the Thing ID. Usually, the channel ID is the [Thing ID][Channel].

Click on your Thing in PaperUI and it will show a list of channels. Next to each channel there is a little icon which, if you click on it will copy the channel ID to the clipboard.

Copy and paste this into your .items file to ensure your channel ID is correct.

Still no luck…

Switch Light1_Toggle {channel=“hue:0210:0017886c54f4:4:color”}

When you click on the up/down icon to the right of the channel in PaperUI, does it show the channel and being linked to this Item?

I think SWITCH for the color feature is wrong, try it like this:

Switch	Hue1_Toggle		"Farblampe 1"			<colorwheel>	(gHue1, gHueToggleWZ) 								{ channel="hue:0210:0017xxxx:3:brightness" }
Dimmer  Hue1_Dimmer		"Dimmer 1 [%.0f %%]"		<light> 	(gHue1) 					 				{ channel="hue:0210:0017xxxx:3:brightness" }
Color 	Hue1_Color		"Farbe 1"				<colorwheel> 	(gHue1,gHueColor) 							{ channel="hue:0210:0017xxxx:3:color" }

Made no difference…

Funny, yes the thing does show the channels being linked to the items…

I think the Switch should work on the color channel.

You should try again:

and try to restart OpenHAB.

It turns out I had BOTH a software and hardware derp!

This indeed work on the software side of things,

BUT IT HELPS IF YOU’RE USING THE SAME BULB YOU INITIALLY BOUND! I was trying to control a bulb I put in a lamp upstairs, and I had another bulb with me downstairs that I hadn’t yet linked to OH, oops!