Cannot Discover Group Endpoint


I’m trying to create an OpenHAB group to control a television… I have 2 items within the group as follows…

A switch item to control power that is configured as PowerController.powerState
A dimmer item to control volume that is configured as Speaker.volume

Both items also have the category of TV within the metadata

If I just tag the individual items they are discoverable within the alexa app as individual items.

However, if I then tag the group that both items are members of as Endpoint.Tv then neither item is discovered. I understand from the documentation that this is correct and the group should then be discovered as a single item within the alexa app that I can control the different members with voice commands but the group is never discovered. The group is labelled “Living Room Television” and so I was expecting to be able to use voice commands such as “alexa, turn the living room television on” or “alexa, turn the living room televison down”.

Now, it’s entirely possible that I have completely mis-understood the documentation, but if not, can any one give me any pointers to check to try and work out why nothing is discovered.


Could you provide the item definition you are using in code fences? It would help troubleshoot any configuration or spelling issues.

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I’m not sure how would I do that for items created in MainUI?

Either a screenshot or copy the Alexa metadata configuration from the “Code” tab using code fences.

There’s API Explorer to get all the Item detail in one lump of JSON, too.

This is the switch item to control power

And it’s Alexa config

This is the dimmer item to control volume

And it’s Alexa config

This is the group item

And it’s Alexa config


Your configuration looks good to me. Just some minor observations, the category parameter don’t need to be specified since it is derived from group endpoint type. Also, the speaker.muted capability is ignored since it is not supported on Dimmer item type.

Keep in mind, you need to remove the previously discovered single endpoint items as they don’t get automatically deleted on the Alexa side. So I would recommend deleting your existing devices and then triggering a discovery.

I’ve tried numerous times to discover the group item, each time removing the single items on the Alexa side without anything being discovered. If I remove the Alexa config from the group, the individual items are discovered every time… Remove them on the Alexa side, re-add the Alexa config to the group and nothing is discovered. Remove the Alexa config from the group and the single items are discovered again.

How your gLivingRoom group configured?

Bingo… Checked the group and found there was Alexa metadata configured there… No idea how/why I configured that group as Endpoint.Other but I removed the Alexa config from there and I can now discover the Televison group!!!

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