Cannot edit or delete display page


Via the OH3 Android app I have configured one display page that is supposed to show the statuses of my doors/windows, just as a test case.
The page is displayed correctly in the UI, but I can 't edit it from PC nor from smartphone, the page hangs while loading.
If I try to delete it, I get message that the page is not found:

An error occurred while deleting: Not Found

Anyone had similar experience.
How can I modify or at least delete the page?


There are a couple of things that might be going on here.

  1. With errors in the UI it’s always worth trying to give the page a hard refresh (e.g., ctrl + shft + r on chrome-based browsers) or fully close and reopen the app or in the app, go to the bottom of the help and about page and click on Reload App. Sometimes pieces of the UI don’t get properly updated in other browser instances without a manual refresh on your part.
  2. Make sure that you are still properly logged in as an administrator that has access to the page editing settings.
  3. This is the most likely (unfortunately). Some error has been introduced into the code of the page that means the UI can’t properly read it from the file where it stores this information. The only way to deal with this is to fix that file. All the UI information is stored in the [your OH configuration folder]/userdata/jsondb folder. In this case the file of interest is uicomponents_ui_page.json. All of these files get a few automatic backups in that are stored in the backup folder you see in the jsondb folder. If you haven’t made too many other changes to pages since this error started happening, then you might be able to get an old version of the page file from the backup folder and just put it in the jsondb folder in place of the corrupted one. If there’s not a backup old enough, then you will have to manually open the page file, find the portion that pertains to the corrupted page and either identify and fix the error, or just delete that section of the file. As always when working with configuration files make your own backup first and be extremely careful about what you delete.

If you have to resort to either of the options in #3, then you have to keep in mind that you cannot edit/change the file in jsondb while openHAB is running. So the full flow would be: stop OH → Make the necessary changes to the page file → restart OH.

Thanks @JustinG,

I had to delete the JSON part of the file