Cannot find Library for PlayPauseType - Squeezebox

I created items of type Player for my squeezebox items from the control channel and these are working perfectly via the sitemap. However I am now trying to create rules for these and am running into issues when trying to define variables of:


Can you please advise what library I need to import at the top of my rules files so that I can use these. If the above is incorrect can you please advise me how to send a play command.

I don’t have a squeezebox, but the Player item should work identical as for my SONOS.

My item defnition looks like
Player Sonos_Controller “Controller” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:living:control”}

To send commands within a rule, just use :

sendCommand(Sonos_Controller, PLAY)
sendCommand(Sonos_Controller, PAUSE)
sendCommand(Sonos_Controller, NEXT)
sendCommand(Sonos_Controller, PREVIOUS)

and so on.

Many thanks. I started with this but when I saw the Eclipse errors I thought I had made a mistake.