Cannot get AverageSince() since upgrade to 2.5.8 (mysql)


Since I upgraded from 2.5.7 to 2.5.8 all my rules which use averagesince() fail because the average function returns NULL and not a number.

Another post mentioned that this is because of the persistence service failing.

I use MySQL as persistence database and had no issues until the upgrade. I see no errors in the log regarding persistence or mysql, it seems it is all running ok.

MySQL Persistence AddOn is installed, config files look ok and I did not touch them, I can connect to the DB and see the values so the DB instance is running.

MySQL is selected as default persistence service in PaperUI.

Anyone else having issues with mysql persistence in 2.5.8 ?

I think I just solved it myself. I was not aware that averagesince() can return „null“ (lowercase).
For some reason this was never an issue in the past in my rules but now it is.

Therefore I am now checking for „null“ in my rules and it works again.