Cannot get Denon binding to send Telnet


I’ve been valiantly trying to get the Denon binding to send Telnet commands rather than http in OH. The binding appears to load up ok - when I look through debug I see the Telnet response from port 23 of the device (in this case an AMX NXI control gateway). I have a couple of switches set up to send commands. I’m using Wireshark to monitor the network traffic. I’m seeing the regular Telnet keep alive ping. However, when I send a command, I can see it being sent as HTTP to port 80 but not Telnet.

My assumption is that as I’m seeing the Telnet connection start up and the commands being sent when selecting the switches I’m very close but there is something (probably very simple) causing the problem…

I’ve been at this for days now and can’t seem to crack it.

Any ideas very welcome…


Hi Neil, there has been a change to the binding, commands are now also send over telnet. Code is not yet merged in master but you can get the jar here: