Cannot get fresh OH 2.3 to run - all bindings were installed automatically

I try to get a fresh installed OH2.3 to run.

After first start of OH all bundles are installed automatically. What to do to solve this problem?

I found the problem. Offline installation does not work anymore.

If I put the “openhab-addons-2.3.0.kar” into the addon folder, all bindings, actions, transforms will be installed and uninstalled in a loop and never will end.

I think this is a bug. If I delete this file before OH start, all is working fine.

I think it definitely warrants an Issue filed at (I think that is the proper place).

I can confirm that deploying openhab-addons-2.3.0.kar in C:\openHAB2\addons will create a big mess :slight_smile:

We should open up an issue…
(although… I don’t recommend using the offline addons kar … this will install everything and that’s not very useful)

Who can describe the proper expected behavior of the addons.kar (when deployed in the addons dir)?

Is it:
A) It should auto-magically install ALL Add-Ons (ALL = actions, bindings, misc, persistence, transformations, UIs, Voice)
B) It should act as an offline/local repository to be used when the user chooses to install a specific Add-on from PaperUI?

I have never used this stuff, so I am not sure (and I can’t find relevant documentation on my question… only this:

For now, I see behavior (A) in my test system (and it sucks)