Cannot get Item to link to Thing

I’ve been installing and configuring a bunch (10) S-31s, have everything working except cannot get one channel to link correctly (at least that’s my guess). All other Things/Channels/Items are operating and displaying as expected. Setting up the Channel and filling the fields for the faulty one when attempting to link them always appear as it should, yet can’t get it to display correctly in BasicUI. Here’s a grab for some of them. The bottom one ( Sonoff S31 0676E9, Amperage) never shows the “energy” catagory icon and never shows data:

I’ve spent hours removing/deleting and then re-adding and configuring the channel numerous times thinking that I had introduced errors somewhere. Still no difference despite paying close attention to all entries.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Are you using some particular binding? May we see the Thing, channel and attempted Item details? How is your sitemap configured for that Item? Have you looked in your openhab.log?


Here’s the Add Channel:

Then the link

It seemed to link okay at this point. . .

Here’s the S31_0676E9 Thing:

When I updated the Items and Sitemaps files to include the Amperage Item

then I get the log errors:

Hate dealing with images instead of copy-pastes.
Look closely at your Items name.
Look closely at your sitemap item reference
0676E9 =/= 00676E9 in name strings.

I’ve gone blind - I can’t find the string 00676E9 (with an extra zero)

Found it in the sitemap - sorry

Thanks for the extra set of eyes, not sure how many more hours I would have spent before finding the error

Thanks again!

About the images: sorry, still learning. . . plus trying to remember stuff like code fences