Cannot get Openhab to connect to Samsung TV

I am trying to connect openhab to my Samsung Smart TV. I am running OpenHab1.7 on a Raspberry Pi. I have copied the latest bindings to the addons folder, updated the configuration file to contain the TV IP address and port 55000 and added the suggested items to my items folder and sitemap from the Githib site. I never get a request from the TV to allow access (it does respond that way for other computer remote applications like Gemote for Windows, so I know the TV is connected and responsive to access requests). Please help :).

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I have exactly the same problem!

My understanding is that series 5 TV’s and up are not compatible with the current OpenHAB binding due to a change in the communication protocols used. Do you know the generation of the TV’s you have? (see intro note at

Getting a new binding working could be challenging from the brief research I’ve done. When my series 6 is powered off it seems to disconnect from the WiFi/Ethernet… Additionally the API docs are a little unclear for the newer TV’s.

My TV is a new series 7.


I was successful in getting my system to connect. Thank you for your replies. My fix was as follows:

(1) Complete reinstall of Raspbian operating system
(2) Followed the Instructable at to install the latest Openhab 1.7 edition. Note this instructable suggests you execute an apt-get update and an apt-get upgrade command first to update and upgrade the operating system.
(3) Visited the Openhab wiki to install the Samsung binding and create a sitemap and item list with the Samsung TV.
(4) The binding does not attempt to connect to the TV until you execute a command on one of the TV controls at your openhab site. At that point my TV displayed the connection request and I approved it. All worked fine since.

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Hey @noemark1, any chance you could let us know which series your TV is?

I cant get the Samsung TV binding to work either… my TV is of model UE75F6375SB. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing it’s one of the “newer models with different protocol”. Can anyone confirm?

Are the binding developer(s) actively working on supporting the new models, or are we out of luck?

If I understand the Samsung model numbers right, you’d have a series 6 there so it may be a no go.

I’ve been reading into the Logitech Harmony Hub - It’s a bit of a work around but you may be able to get Openhab to control the TV (and the rest of your media environment) with one of those…


A mentioned before, I was able to get this to work after performing the steps in my earlier post. I do not know which series my TV is, but the model number is UN55ES6150.

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Hello, i have problem with samsung connection, please help.
when i send command from sitemap aplication in log i get message:
2015-12-06 18:17:39.840 [WARN ] [.b.s.internal.SamsungTvBinding] - Cannot find connection details for device id ‘TV’


Host of the first TV to control

Port of the TV to control (optional, defaults to 55000)


Switch mute {samsungtv=“ON:TV:KEY_MUTE, OFF:TV:KEY_MUTE”}

Frame label=“TV”{
Text label=“Samsung” icon=“television” {
Switch item=mute label=“TV mute” mappings=[ON=“ON”, OFF=“OFF”]
Slider item=volume label=“TV Volume”
} }