Cannot get z-wave updates from Fibaro Keyfob FGKF-601

Dear Community,

I have been a user of Openhab for the last 4 / 5 years, and upgraded to 2.0 a few months ago.
After that I added some zwave devices, and everyting was ok.

I recently purchased a couple of Fibaro FGKF-601 Keyfobs, and things went south. After much tinkering and reset the controller (AEONLABS gen5) I am now in a state where I can see the “scene” updates being processed correctly by the Binding:

and I can see the logs of the messages associated with the correct ControllerID:

I also added some Items manually in a .item file:
String KeyFoxb_Fred222 {channel=“zwave:device:15eed90150d:node3:scene_number”}
String KeyFoxb_Fred444 {channel=“zwave:device:15eed90150d:node3:scene”}
String KeyFoxb_Fred222A {channel=“zwave:device:zwave_serial_zstick_15eed90150d_serial:node2:scene_number”}
String KeyFoxb_Fred444A {channel=“zwave:device:zwave_serial_zstick_15eed90150d_serial:node2:scene”}

No luck, I can’t get the values into the items :frowning:

I read several threads in this forum about the need to update the zwave database to include these keyfobs but I couldn’t find instructions on how to do it. I figured (possibly wrongly) that manually adding the items would not require me to update the database.

I am running openhab 2.0 in win64.

Any hint on how to get the values to Items? I spent the best part of the weekend trying to get this to work :frowning:

Thank you.


I would suggest in the first instance to use the current version which is 2.1. OH2.0 is now 10 months old so there have been a lot of changes (2.1 is a few months old as well, so you can alternatively use the snapshot versions).

Thanks Chris. I updated to the snapshot version and after a bit of experimentation and a reset of the controller it worked out. Many thanks! :smile:
Thanks for your efforts with the Binding, its great!


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