Cannot login to myopenhab

Hey guys,

i’m new to openhab and successfully set up my system. But since today i cannot login to anymore. I tried to reset my password multiple times, but it always says “Unknown user or incorrect password”.

Is there a problem with myopenhab and if not can somebody please help me?

With Regards,

You may always check that via

I guess then you did not write down your correct username or password :slight_smile:
Login works fine, tried that one minute ago, so I would recommend to open a new account …

Hmm i think it fixed itself … Login works now again. Sorry for bothering anyone :wink:

My logging tells me there was an outage for about one hour this afternoon, maybe you have tried to login during that time …

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I have same problem now! Tried to reset password several times but still cannot login. Same error…