Cannot open fatek cbes web page

Hi , Im trying to sent data to my FBS-40MAR Fatek plc through Web page or IP
Please help i want to press a button at Web page which can be readed by PLC .

Does fatek FBs have a web interface at all? Anyhow - what kind of register are you trying to update - X, Y, R, D or other?

Hi, You have FBs-CBES right? I WinProloader configure port 1
And CBES in Ethernet adaptor Configuration

But why? Do it in OH instead.

yes i has web interface . like FBs-CBEH modules

im trying to update network register. and i want to sent data through web browser and want to read it at my Fatek PLC . Please help

do it OH instead ? idont understand it . and iwill configure these settings. How will i send data through browser ?

Openhab has a http binding which you can use to send http requests. OH has also modbus master interface allowing to interact with fatek using standard protocol.

I am working on fatek binding but it is not ready yet. There is a legacy (unsupported) binding which works with openhab 1.x and 2.x

kindly send me an example of it . so that ican use your OpenHab Thanks

Please have a look on these two:

okay, Thanks

it looks like Java language based. I only want to sent data over local network. My Plc and Computer is connected a

Hi, have you configured Fatek and CBES as I wrote?
here is manual

Hi , sorry for the delay. Yes my settings are same as per your guidance. Im using CBES Module for information.

Kindly guide me further . I want to set output (Y0,Y1 or any) high or Low from any web browser on a same server.

You need easy web designer, everything is described step by step in manual

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