Cannot post event as EventPublisher is missing


I added a DynamicStateDescription provider to the binding based on BaseDynamicStateDescriptionProvider (copied from one of @Kai 's bindings). It works, I see the list, all good. However, when checking openhab.log I see various warnings

Cannot post event as EventPublisher is missing

Current implementation: openhab-addons/ at shelly_snapshot3.3 · markus7017/openhab-addons · GitHub

which gets registered using

    public Collection<Class<? extends ThingHandlerService>> getServices() {
        return Set.of(ShellyStateDescriptionProvider.class);

Is there a part of the implementation missing?

@fwolter @Lolodomo any idea?

You did mot take a good example.
Look at yhis one for example:

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works, thanks

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