Cannot resolve to a ThingType for Minoston Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer Toggle Switch (MS13Z)

First this is my configuration:

The log says:

Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0312:FF00:FF02::2.3

I checked the z-wave database, it’s there

This has been for a few days.

It looks like it’ should be in the database. Can anybody help me to diagnose why it’s not initialized completely?


That is already the solution: you need to upgrade your zwave binding to the latest snapshot.

Hi Sihui,

Which version do you refer to? I just updated to 2.5.10 and it is still shown as “Unknown Devices” while my other switches shows up correctly.


In terms of zwave 2.5.10 is already old, you will need the latest.
You only need to upgrade the zwave binding, not your openHAB installation.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

I didn’t make it work to put the file to addons folder. So I upgraded to 2.5.12 latest snapshot. But the device is still shown as unknown device.

Your device is in the database but has not made it into the binding yet:

Please wait for one of the next available snapshots.