Cannot setup IDE (solved) (false...)

further update:
in reality there are still hundreds of missing references after clean/build… large part are missing joda.time in multiple projects… So, update to java.time (SE8 > ) or ask to use SE7 (if you find old binaries)…
At this time I would like to create a private fork to work but I will wait for the release of the next official version (which if I understand correctly it will arrive in June?) and then I will take my path …

1 - close Karaf project (not needed for run as stated in another post)
2 - changed access rules in packages with errors (removed “forbidden” rules)

Tried to setup IDE without success following instructions at:

Platform: Ubuntu 16.04 desktop, 2 cores, 6 GB ram, 30 GB disk on VmWare (machine works perfectly…)

installed git
installed oracle jdk 8
installed maven 3,5

  • dozens of errors like: Access restriction: The type ‘Application’ is not API (restriction on required xxxxx.jar)
  • missing methods
  • missing packages…

I can be more precise but it is really more than a hundred errors on various projects so I think there must be some problem in the eclipse package …
I have tried the installation many times, on many machines but the result does not change …
any suggestions?

Hello Michele,

what has been the exact solution? I’m currently struggling in setting up an OH1 IDE with
the same bunch of more than 100 errors in existing (stable) modules.

Cheers, Guenther

Hi Guenther,
in fact there are some references to wrong libraries and once they are fixed, only a couple of 1.x projects are not compiled at the end. Unfortunately I can not give you a more precise indication as I have renounced to continue and I have removed the project. When I have time I will try to load the sources of version 2.3 hoping that everything works better.

Hi Michele,

the positive thing is that the OH2 IDE works fine with all modules … easy going!

But, as there are a lot of people still using the old platform, I’m looking for a chance to run an OH1 IDE for backporting a binding.
And, unfortunatelly, I’m struggling with the different repositories to get an execution environment.

Good news, I’ll try … I can advise you to take the sources of the binding and to modify them directly within the 2.x environment … But this, of course, you have already thought of doing it;)
Good job!