Cannot unlink items

I am trying to unlink item that may have been created when I first setup OH2 a few weeks ago in paperui. I’ve since learned that it doesn’t do the item files which is what I am used to from OH1. If I click the trash icon it gives me a Error 405 - Method Not Allowed.

I commented out the items that are linked to this since I saw where this wasn’t allowed. I see there is a new method for these using the jsondb but I don’t see anything in those files for these odd items.

Any help?

Did you setup openHAB not to generate items automatically?

I did, but I think when I first set it up I may have turned that on.

I’ve deleted the thing but when it comes back it is still linked…

Try to unlink item from karaf console (sorry, I’m not at home, so I can’t say which commands are needed…)

Good idea, but it didn’t work.

Any other thoughts?

Ok, so I haven’t had time to work on this but I recently had a power outage and when everything came back on line the links were gone and everything is fine.

Thanks for the suggestions.