Cannot update a Z-Wave Heatit Z-TEMP2 thermostat

Everything one-way: whatever happens with the thermostat is reflected in OpenHAB. But if I try to write into a channel into the Thing, it only works from the admin interface. It doesn’t work from a Page, via a Toggle or Rollershutter control.

For ex., if I want to change the Thermostate Mode value, I can do it from the admin interface (I click on the current value and a dropdown appears asking me choose between Off and Heat). But if I tie that channel to a Toggle and put it in a Page, no matter how much I toggle it, nothing actually happens.

What am I doing wrong? I’m on OpenHAB 3.1.0 (openhabian)

You’ll need an Item to work with.

I do have an Item – I don’t think I can create a widget without hooking it to an Item. Here’s my widget:

component: oh-rollershutter-card
  item: ZWaveNode003HEATITZTEMP2Thermostat_Setpointheating
  stateInCenter: true

Okay, what commands does your Item receive when you click on the widget? (Look in your events.log) What type of Item is this?

Absolutely nothing happens in the logs (events.log or openhab.log) when I click on anything in the widget. The Item’s type is Number::Temperature.

Alright, why would you expect a rollershutter widget to control that? Maybe a setpoint widget?
Might help -

That’s correct, the functionality is restored if I use a stepper widget instead. I guess there was just a problem with the rollershutter. Thanks!

Well, a rollershutter deals in percentType Item state, for position. Not likely to work well with state 21°C

I didn’t know that. Could you tell me where to find that information in the future?

I’m not sure that it is written anywhere like “dimmer widgets do not work well with DateTime Item types”, but maybe you meant more like -