Cannot update existing item

I cannot update, or delete, one of my Items:

18:04:33.982 [WARN ] [] - Cannot update existing item ‘Light_Study_Anglepoise’, because is not managed.
18:10:07.886 [INFO ] [] - Received HTTP DELETE request at ‘items/Light_Study_Anglepoise’ for the unknown item ‘Light_Study_Anglepoise’

I have created all my Items with HABmin/PaperUI, not using any text files, and recently had to delete the Thing it was linked to (a Z-Wave switch) due to strange errors.

After re-discovering the Thing, I was able to link it back to the Item, but now the Smarthome thinks the Item is unmanaged.

Does anyone know how to change this?

did you find a solution? i’ve got the same problem now.

No not really. I switched over to using text files for everything because many settings were lost after an upgrade. I believe that the latest snapshot has improved things but I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.

I’m suffering the exact same thing. I also get an error 405 - method not allowed in the paper UI.

I got the same problem. But I’m not sure how to do that in text file for z-wave device. Can you provide some example?
I tried
Switch GarageDoorAlarm “Door is [%s]” (door) { zwave=“22:command=sensor_binary,sensor_type=10”}
But it doesn’t show the value.

I got my settings from HABmin after discovery so they looked something like this:
Switch MotionPorch “Porch Movement” (gMotion) {channel=“zwave:device:controller:node4:sensor_binary”}

Although, now that the Json configuration is working, I have no need for .items files any more and do as much as I can in PaperUI/HABmin (again!)

Bringing back an old topic - am getting the same issues with OH2.1 after performing the exact same thing as the OP, except with a Fibaro sensor. This has caused all events for that item to stop working. I can’t unlink the item from the channel. Last time I used karaf console, I managed to wipe everything and had to start again, so am not keen on doing that unless I know the exact solution to this.