Canonical openhAB appliance based on Ubuntu

Scanning daily news i found an article (german, sorry) about applicances from Canonical. There is one available for openHAB now.

I’m currently running openhabianpi on rpi3B+ and just started to get a better understanding of the distribution (want to update os from stretch to buster f.e.). openhabianpi seems to be well supported here and i’ll stay with it.

Nevertheless i’m interessted in alternatives and how they

  • look and feel
  • are built

Did someone already have a look at it?

Here are a few articles in English:

I was surprised and happy to see openHAB among the mere five appliances available in their original release.

Just a little bit. It appears to only have openHAB inside it but it appears that it can be customized using snap (not apt?). However, as a software appliance, it also looks like it expects everything to be configured and modified through the browser which might prove awkward for openHAB users until OH 3 comes out. You can access the shell though if you need to, at least when running as a VM. Maybe there is an ssh account set up too, though that would be unusual for an appliance in my experience.

I think it’s well worth experimenting with. If you’ve an Ubuntu machine running (not a VM, at least in ESXi it won’t work because the “CPU does not support KVM extensions.”) already you can run the appliance in a VM with just a few commands (see the appliance website).

I’ve always been a fan of software appliances like this. I wish this were available for Nextcloud this time last year.

In general, openHABian provides much more out of the box than this appliance does. If you want to run more than literally just openHAB on the machine, openHABian is a better choice. But the appliance is definitely worth watching.

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