Can't access NEW OpenHab installation on RPI4

I just installed OpenHab on a Raspberry PI 4 and can’t login to the device. I used the provided/default login:password (openhab:habopen) but it keeps on saying those are incorrect credentials. Any chance those credentials have somehow changed in the distribution?

I’m using the RPI in stand-alone, and it’s connected to a monitor+keyboard+mouse+Ethernet … i.e., not doing any remote login.

On my network, the device is called: OPENHABIANDEVICE

Pretty sure the openhab:habopen is the default login only for the karaf console. I seem to remember being prompted to create my own administrator account at the openHAB3 login page on setup.

You could also try openhabian:openhabian

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Thank you. I tried multiple combinations and no success so far… Unless the default password has changed, compared to the one from the instructions.

Where do you wanna login ?
You can’t use the user openhab to login to the linux shell. openhab is the user as mentioned inthe karaf console and the user the service openhab is running under.

Dies sind die Login-Daten für die Karaf-Console.
Das Standard-Login für Openhab ist:
Benutzer= openhabian / Passwort= openhabian

Thank you gentlemen. It seems the documentation I was referring to was not the correct one. The username and password are openhabian:openhabian.