Can't connect Foscam with IPCamera binding


I have a Foscam and have installed the ipcamera binding.
Then I have set the config fields (IP, user, password), but I get always the message OFFLINE.
Then I have read " Foscam : Cameras do not support Basic or Digest auth and instead use plain text for passwords in URL." and I must use the string "

But how can I integrate this login-string in the mask from ipcamera binding?
Thank you!

Enable debug log output and watch what happens when the camera is connecting. Post the contents between code fences here if you can not work out why from the logs…

Do not provide any URL if the camera has ONVIF as it will ask the camera what URL to use and auto setup this for you. You can over ride the detected url if you wish and stop ONVIF from connecting to speed up connecting to the camera if it does not have PTZ features.

For how to change log level see the readme file here.