Can't connect google to MyOpenhab cloud?

Hello, I am becoming a little frustrated. I have signed up for my openhab. I have tried on multiple phones and tablet, but I alway get a can’t connect error from Google.

I contacted the google help people today, but they ddint know what openhab was so I dropped from trying to contact them and posted here.

My question, I get to this point. I add openhab in the google app, I see that google is connected in myopenhab. Issue is google keeps telling me to re-connect open hab to sync devices and shows its not connected.

What am I missing? It seems everything I am doing is correct, but going in circles. Any tricks would be appreciated!

Did you follow this?

Yes. This part is not the issue it is the connection between my openHAB and google. The part I have no control over.

Trying to figure out how to contact the myopenhab guys to debug the issue.

Does myopenHAB show your instance online and Google connected to it?

Yes it does. Hence the confusion!

Items file:

Switch  HueMasterSW (AllLights,Kitchen) [ "Lighting" ] { channel="hue:0220:1:bulb1:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb2:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb3:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb4:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb5:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb6:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb7:brightness", channel="hue:0220:1:bulb8:brightness" }

Switch	Light8_Dimm (Kitchen)	 [ "Lighting" ]	{ channel="hue:0220:1:bulb8:brightness" }
Switch	Light8Dimm (Kitchen)	 [ "Lighting" ]	{ channel="hue:0220:1:bulb8:brightness" }

So after lots of things, I saw a comnection. Issue was this connection was showing data from a vm that I deleted because no data was showing in my openhab.

Only way for this to be possible is if Google caches information. That machine has been offline for 2days also and my pi is now connected. Very strange behavior!

Needless to say I am just going to wait a few days now and see if my latest stuff shows in google.

My setup should be good as ifttt works.

Solved the problem by added a label to my items file. I found that although it is documented in the items file documentation that a label is not required, it is required for Google and Alexa to work properly. I have submitted bug reports on git for the cloud connector, alexa skill, and google home skill. Hoping they can put a warning or something into place so users won’t have this issue in the future.

This line will not work for Google or Alexa as the label after Dimmer Girls is missing.

Dimmer Girls (AllLights,gk_bedroom) [ "Switchable" ]  { channel="tradfri:0220:mygateway:myColorTempBulb1:brightness" , channel="tradfri:0220:mygateway:myColorTempBulb2:brightness"}

This line will work for Google or Alexa as the label after Dimmer Girls is required.

Dimmer Girls "Label Required Here" (AllLights,gk_bedroom) [ "Switchable" ]  { channel="tradfri:0220:mygateway:myColorTempBulb1:brightness" , channel="tradfri:0220:mygateway:myColorTempBulb2:brightness"}

The nitty gritty breakdown of what I found is this:

Google Home will error the following way without a label:

Openhab skill will give an error in the google home app saying unknown error. It will however show as connected when you login to to my openhab and look in applications.

Alexa will error the following way without a label:

Openhab skill will connect properly in Alexa. It will however keep telling you that there are no openhab devices to connect to.

Starting with the Skill docs the needed tagging is referred here:

Items are exposed to Alexa through the use of tags which follow the HomeKit binding tagging syntax. See the Hue Emulation and HomeKit Add-on documentation for details about tagging and available tags.

Following the Hue Emulation docs it is cleary stated that a label is needed:

The item label will be used as the Hue device name.

But you are right, an additional note could be helpful.

That is not needed because for the Alexa Skill to work properly you don’t need to expose any items.