Can't connect Hue Bridge?

I’m experimenting a fresh OH2 install and activated the Hue binding. But I can’t get it to pair with Hub. Each time it tells me remove the Username, but that is blank in the Hue Bridge Item?

I’m going to remove and reinstall the binding. But just thought I would report if any others have similar issues.

Are you using the textual configuration files or PaperUI to add things?
If you are using textual files, you need to have a look at your log files. The hue binding will ask you to press the pairing button on your bridge and then show the username which has to be configured manually in the configuration files.
If you are using PaperUI, this should happen automatically (after pressing the pairing button).

If you still have problems, can you post your log file?

Be sure to use the current 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT Hue-Binding. Philips changed the way you pair with the bridge since 04/16:
Thats why you have to use the username given from the bridge as @dominicdesu said.

I’m using Paper UI to add my bridge and discover my Things (Lights) after that.

Only problem on my side is, that I have to “rebind” the bridge everytime I restart OH2. But I’m not sure where this error is comming from, yet.