Can't control Fibaro Rollershutter


I try now for 1 hour to control a Fibaro Rollershutter from a basic UI sitemap.

I have a thing:

I have an item:
/* Rollershutters */
Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Office “Büro [%.0f %%]” (GF_Office, Shutters) { zwave=“4” }

And in my sitemap I use:
Switch item=Shutter_GF_Office

I can see three buttons in my sitemap but I can click them till tomorrow, nothing happen.
And there are no errors in the logfiles, even in debug mode!
2016-10-20 09:42:01.743 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘Shutter_GF_Office’ received command DOWN

I can control the shutter perfectly out of Paper UI.

Any ideas ;(


in OpenHAB2 channels are used like this:

Rollershutter Shutter_GF_Office “Büro [%.0f %%]” (GF_Office, Shutters) {channel=“zwave:device:155cb5a9e0a:node4:blinds_control”}

And you don’t have up or down with fibaro shutter 2 … you can only use % for positioning. So you need mappings instead of up or down

Thank you very much!

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