Can't create new "persist" file through Designer?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but how do I create a new “persist” file?
The documentation ( says to use the Designer, but I can’t find a way to create a new “Persistence” file.
Having created one manually using “vi”, I then can’t edit it in the Designer, there’s no “refresh” that I can find.
Closing and reopening the designer seems to be necessary in order for it to find it.

Is this right, or am I missing something?


Ctrl + N to create a new file within ESHD
I also haven’t found a good way to refresh the folder contents (F5 doesn’t work)
I usually Browse for Folder and re-open my OH2 conf folder to refresh its file contents (no need to restart ESHD)

Ctrl+N, never would have thought of that.
There was no context menu->New option, so I assumed it wasn’t possible.

Thanks, that helps.

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For tracking purposes: :slight_smile:

To give a bit of a background: The designer is currently not under development because there is no volunteer to work on it. A change there would be amazing and you are invited to take on the task :wink:

Until then you should see the designer as one part of your configuration tools. It’s main benefit is the syntax completion and syntax checking, other tasks are maybe better done with the file explorer of your choice, yet another important tool is the openhab log, which you can either watch in the ssh console or via the (rather new) openHAB log viewer based on frontail.

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