Cant display HabPanel Ui via OH App - OH3

Hi All

The OH app for Android (beta) is great, love all the UI options. Why Apple doesnt have this is just beyond me, but anyway

Im running OH3.1 now and when I select HabPanel it wants a Default panel Configuration, my configuration works fine on a PC, but the App wont display it.

It says go into the MainUI to enable editing in HabPanel and set a default panel configuration. This was possible in Paper UI but I cannot find a single HabPanel option in MainUI

Can someone please enlighten me?!


Is your Habpanel configuration probably stored in the browsers cache instead of your openHAB system?
I know that when configuring a habpanel, you get asked if the configuration shall be saved local or on the server side. Just aguess

I believe serverside

ok, then i’m out - i’ve just played with habpanel a bit, ubt never used it. Sorry :upside_down_face:

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I also stumbled into this when trying to run Habpanel on another computer.

After login you have to tell Habpanel to use the configuration on the server side. By default it tries to use the local configuration which doesn’t exist.

  • Open the Main UI: http://yourip:8080
  • login (bottom left)
  • Open Habpanel: http://yourip:8080/habpanel
  • Click on the three lines icon (top left)
  • Click on the house symbol (top left)
  • Click on the cogwheel (top right)
  • Click on the Panel configuration
  • Choose the configuration on the serverside