Can't download openhabian 1.4 image

don’t see anyone else having issues but i can’t download the image
well, it downloads and then says Failed-forbidden, as if i need permission. tried on a couple computers, always with chrome though, and am logged into the website when i try.
what am i doing wrong?
also firefox fails after downloading the whole thing

This works openHABian v1.4 released!

i clicked threw there to get to the download link mentioned above, which doesn’t seem to work. downloads and then fails for "forbidden’, in chrome’s words.
so i am definitely missing something here.

Check your network settings or change your browser, I just tested here and this link is working perfectly.
For Raspberry Pi: openhabianpi-raspbian-201712171718-git30faec3-crccc053823.img.xz

i keep getting this strange “failed” from firefox or chrome, just whens it’s wrapping up the download, on two windows 10 machines and one Ubuntu17.
i’ve never seen this before.
only outstanding fact here is it takes me 15 minutes to download at my almost 3MBs DSL line.
R7000 netgear, bridged Frontier modem.
can’t test from another IP at this time. well, i could use a proxy or vpn. lets try that
nope, different IP didn’t help.
very strange