Can't find all icons in HAB Panel

Hello. I’m trying to replicate a weather panel in HUBPanel.
Everything works, but in the DUNNY object of dawn, I can not select the SUNRISE icon from the Eclipse SmartHome Classic Icons set.

If I browse the image by URL http://localhost:8080/icon/sunrise?format=svg the icon appears, but in the icon selection dropdown in the configuration of the DUMMY element no.

On a PC where I installed openHAB with the demo data, in the weather panel of HUBPanel I see the icon selected and running the panel the icon is seen, if I go into editing, even in this pc is missing the icon in the list of icons.

Am I wrong?

Thank you

I solved by inserting the icon instead of selecting it from the default set, setting the custom url.
But in this way I do not know which icons I have “hidden” in openHAB!