Can't find Bosch Indego binding

Hey guys,

I recently switched from Home Assistant to find myself in an extremely mature system with great abstracted concepts and community. Lovely!

I must be missing something though - it looks like I simply can’t find the Bosch Indego binding in my Paper UI, and I can’t find any posts or issues on people not finding bindings due to not having the right versions or other causes. As I own a Bosch Indego and am superstoked to get this into my OpenHab setup as well, can someone point me in the right direction? Why can’t I find the Bosch Indego binding under add-ons as the page shows it isn’t manual and should be OK from 2.x upwards?



Either you are on the wrong tab or that binding was merged after the stable build. Then you need to go to the openHAB snapshot release.

Thanks, makes perfect sense. Upgrading to 2.1.0 snapshot makes the Bosch Indego binding show up.
I assumed it to be available in 2.0.0 stable because the general page already mentioned the binding ( and it is showing as 2.X instead of 2.1+. Is there a better spot to look for which version supports which bindings?

I haven’t found one yet … :joy: