Can't find denon binding

i cant find denon binding in addons. have i done something wrong during install? how do i fix it?

What version of OH? I’m running an old 2.2 SNAPSHOT and it is listed.

Are you seeing any addons and just the Denon is missing or are you seeing no addons?

I think it maybe the way it was setup. As with that setup I selected simple(there was lots missing for bindings but I didn’t go though it). When I reinstalled raspberry and OH and selected standard it was there(and this list was quite a bit longer too).
I was using OH2.1.0

OK, I suspect the big difference was there is a setting in Configuration -> System to “Show Legacy 1.x version bindings” that was hiding the 1.x version bindings. If that isn’t the right setting, there is a setting somewhere else.