Can't get a simple door sensor to show up correctly

I have the following item definition:

Contact Node101_Door "Debug Door [%s]" <door> { mqtt="<[mosquitto:debug/door:state:MAP(]" } transformation:



Text item=Node101_Door

But this doesn’t seem to work at all. I’m sending either a 0 or 1 in the MQTT topic. If I try sending OPEN and CLOSED in the topic, this works (removing the MAP in the item definition and changing it to default), but with 0 and 1, nothing. There’s no event in the event log either.

This might be relevant

I’m not sure if that’s quite relevant. That’s when the value in the MQTT topic might not be formatted correctly for a number. But I don’t use a number but a Contact which should have values OPEN/CLOSED. And I’m trying to map 0 and 1 to OPEN/CLOSED.
The command I’m using to test this with mosquitto is:

mosquitto_pub -t debug/door -m 1

yes, the point was that “0” and “1” come from MQTT. Not 0 and 1.

I got it working now. I just changed the value sent to the MQTT topic to be either OPEN/CLOSED. So no need to do any transformations for it anymore