Can't get dynamic groups to show items in HABPanel


It may be a little less used but I’ve got a couple of ‘groups’ that only have items added and removed dynamically during runtime by rules. Groups are created in PaperUI with nothing special just say ‘One Open -> Open else Closed’ but no items added to it.

A rule file adds and removes items from the group based on other state changes. I can see that the groups are being modified during runtime and I can see their contents changing in ‘BasicUI’ plus I’ve got rules reacting to group status change working fine. So I can tick the box that the groups do have items in them at runtime.

Took me long enough to get that working in itself but now I’ve moved to trying to get the group displayed on HABPanel and I can’t get it to show anything other than empty.

Does HABPanel only work off of the raw ‘group’ setup data? Appreciate I’m dealing with what may be an edge case for most so just happy to see if any one can confirm or suggest something else to try.

The very simple widget I’m testing is built from the examples and shown below. There is an ‘item_group’ configuration item just to provide the runtime widget binding.

<table class="table table-condensed">
	<tr ng-repeat="item in itemsInGroup(config.item_group)">
    <td class="text-right">{{item.label}}</td>
    <td class="text-left" ng-style="{color: (itemState('open')?'red':'green'}">

Soon as I change the test widget to a group with statically declared items they are displayed fine so the widget also functions OK at a basic level.

Appreciate any comments.