Can't get getActions to work

Dear Everyone!

For the first time I wanted to use the getActions method to get a Thing actions.
However it seems to not work as it should.

Here is a code snippet:

val actions = getActions("telegram", "telegram:telegramBot:38c3809d")

But it doesn’t return the specified Thing’s actions (it returns null). Can anyone point me to the right direction on how to use getActions()?

I’m on openHAB 2.4 Stable

You’re already posting about this in this thread, and have the attention of the new action’s author.

I can’t make out what version of the binding you have installed, that is going to be important.

Yes the only problem was that I have tried with other bindings (especially the new MQTT binding which as I know supports actions) and didn’t worked there either. So I thought this is a general issue. After a restart, MQTT actions started to work, but Telegram still not, so this now might be an issue with the binding itself.
I’m using the latest version of the Telegram binding.

Having the same issue with the telegram binding. getActions return null. Using the latest known version. No idea what to do. Guess we have to wait for an updated version for now.

Binding 1.1.14 does not have Actions to get.
Telegram Actions version 1.x is a separately installed add-on, no get is required or provided.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Indeed I mixed up Action and Binding (will delete my posting not to confuse other)