Can't get image to show

After changing from a Raspi2 to an Raspi3 I seem to be unable to shown an Image
Running OH2.2 on an openHABian distribution.

String WeatherPicture //gets filled with the correct path-string for the picture (i.e: “http://Raspi3:8080/static/weather.jpg”) Posting this string into the browser shows the pictur.

Image item=WeatherPicture refresh=60000

logged WARN:
13:05:44.782 [WARN ] [i.internal.proxy.BlockingProxyServlet] - Proxy servlet failed to stream content: Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt

The data from the weather binding is displayed on a Wrapper.html, which gets converted to an image by “wkhtmltoimage” (that part is working). Done in order to show on a sitemap when called via myopenhab.

This setup worked on the Raspi2, I believe I copied all and did reset all ownerships.
I can’t figure out what I am missing!

I was missing a spot where the old Raspi2 was called instead of the new one! Stupid me!