Can't get Items to show up in my.openhab

So I am trying to get OpenHab set up for use with IFTTT to control my Chamberlain MyQ enabled garage door opener. However, I am not seeing any of my Items show up on my.openhab and thus IFTTT cannot see them either.

I am running OpenHab 1.8.3 on a local server running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Oracle 8u112 64bit JRE for Java.

My addons folder:

-rw-r--r-- 1 openhab openhab  25351 May 22 14:35 org.openhab.binding.myq-1.8.3.jar
-rw-r--r-- 1 openhab openhab 613079 May 22 14:37

Relevant openhab.cfg file contents


#openHAB port setting. Default is 8080

# the Netmask to define a range of internal IP-Addresses which doesn't require
# authorization (optional, defaults to '')

# The name of the default persistence service to use


Group gGarage

Switch GarageDoorSwitch         "Garage Door Open"           (gGarage) {myq="0"}
Contact GarageDoorContact       "Garage Door [%s]" <contact> (gGarage) {myq="0"}
String GarageDoorString         "Garage Door [%s]"           (gGarage) {myq="0"}
Rollershutter GarageDoorShutter "Garage Door Open"           (gGarage) {myq="0"}


Strategies {
default = everyChange
Items {
gGarage* : strategy = everyChange


sitemap demo label="Home"
        Frame label="Garage" {
                Text label="Door" icon="garage" {
                        Switch item=GarageDoorSwitch
                        Text item=GarageDoorString
                        Text item=GarageDoorContact
                        Switch item=GarageDoorShutter

My site does show up fine on, and the garage door control works just fine via the web. I just cannot for the life of me get the Items to show up, which apparently blocks IFTTT from getting them.

Any suggestions?

The my.openhab servers are experiencing problems right now and others have reported being unable to get their Items to appear on the my.openhab servers. One suggestion is to use the Maker channel which can make calls into the REST API of OH and can receive REST calls from OH (I believe) as an alternative to the openHAB channel.

I am having the exact same problem … haven’t found a solution so far

me too. Looks like I might need to break down and start writing some rules… and get the weather binding to work so I don’t have to cheat with IFTTT. has not recorded any item state changes for me since last Sunday evening, 18:14 UTC. I cleared out the old item states and events at, but it’s not made any difference I can see. So it looks like IFTTT and other things that depend on myopenhab.persist aren’t working. @belovictor, any ideas? Thank you!

Hello all,
yes my.openhab has been having issues of late due to very very high load. Most of this is b/c of the persistence functionality. We were seeing 100’s of item updates per second. I had to disable persistence last Sunday until a fix could be pushed out, apologies for not communicating this. My hope was I could have a fix out by that Sunday night or Monday morning but I ran into other issues and the fix took longer than expected. As of a few hours ago I have pushed out this fix which rate limits item updates to 20 per min per user. I’m hopeful this will work in the meantime until a better solution can be found.

Thanks for the update! My items have returned! I would love to reduce the number of items I send to my.openhab, but I believe there is still a bug with the 2.0 snapshot where it ignores the myopenhab.persisit file. I haven’t seen any updates on that issue, but I should do another search to see if that is resolved. Once that is functional I would only send around 20 updates per day!


it’s working!