Can't Get Mirroring and Amanda Backup Working Together

OH3 on RPi.

It seems that I can set up mirroring in the openHABian Config Tool and have success, or I can set up Amanda and have success, but I can’t get a good mirror AND nightly backups. Am I missing something with my setup?

This is setting up through the config tool. I tried editing the openhabian.conf to get both through the auto-backup feature but that didn’t work either (can’t remember exactly what results I got).

Those two are unrelated if you interactively configure them so if your mirroring works just setup Amanda Make sure to read the Amanda guide on creating a file system for storage first.
Generally speaking, please don’t ask questions like these without giving a sufficient amount details, we cannot (and frankly: don’t want to) help you without these.
Comprehensively describe the system status, name the actions taken and provide a debug log please.

Sorry, just going round an round with this. I think I will try auto-backup through teh unattended install since that should be simpler. That hasn’t worked for me but I’ll try again and provide a log file in a new thread.