Can't get OpenHAB to accept Hue Emulator JSON requests

So I have a Rpi3 with a Aeotec 5 stick. I have OpenHAB2 up and running with a GE switch. I have it all woking great and can control my light from the HAB dashboard.

I am on to the next level, and trying to get it to work with my Alexa Dot, I have installed the HUE emulator on my PI (Different ports of course) I also have this up and running just fine. I can get to the dashboard and everything,. Now I run through the documentation on the git hub website and add this to the emulator:

    "name": "bathroom light",
    "deviceType": "switch",
    "offUrl": "",
    "onUrl": "" 

now 8080 is the HAB and 8081 is the HUE emulator. Now My alexa can Find the emulator just fine, and even sends the JSON. I can see in the HUE logs:

2017-04-09 05:14:55.930  INFO 14134 --- [nio-8081-exec-6] com.armzilla.ha.hue.HueMulator           : Making outbound          call: GET HTTP/1.1
2017-04-09 05:14:55.941  INFO 14134 --- [nio-8081-exec-6] com.armzilla.ha.hue.HueMulator           : GET on URL responded: 404

Seems clear I am missing a simple REST call parameter. Is there some Documentation on how to build a proper JSON call to openHAB to turn these lights on an off, and maybe even, dare to dream, a dimmer?