Cant get rule with color to work in OH3

Im trying to copy a rule that works in OH2 to DSL script in OH3 but without success. No events show up in log, nothing seem to happen. I want to send color to LIFX color light.

Just sending brightness works.

    var DecimalType hue2 = new DecimalType(0) // 0-360; 0=red, 60= yellow, 120=green, 240=blue, 360=red(again)
	var PercentType sat2 = new PercentType(100) // 0-100 färgstyrka
	var PercentType bright2 = new PercentType(100) // 0-100 ljusstyrka
	var HSBType colorlight2 = new HSBType(hue2,sat2,bright2)

I have also tried the example from docs.

import java.awt.Color

// Create item
val newColor = new Color(red, blue, green) // where red, blue, and green are ints between 0 and 255

//Saving to an Item
MyColorItem.sendCommand(new HSBType(newColor))