Can't link OpenHab to Google Home

After allowing OpenHab in the authentication step, the OpenHab service is not added to Google Home. Video:

I tried reinstalling Google Home, cleaning cache and internal storage but still not working. Any idea?

// Old Google Home integration
//Switch Interruptor_Habitacion_Mikel “Interruptor Techo Mikel” [“Switchable”] { channel=“mihome:ctrl_neutral1:158d0002”}

Switch Interruptor_Habitacion_Mikel "Interruptor Techo Mikel" <light> (gMikel) ["Lightning"] { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral1:158$Switch Interruptor_Habitacion_Aitor "Interruptor Techo Aitor " <light> (gAitor) { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral1:158d000248c0c3:c$Switch Interruptor_Habitacion_Pilar "Interruptor Techo Pilar" <light> (gPilar) { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral1:158d00024bd5fd:ch$

Contact Sensor_Puerta "Sensor Movimiento Pasillo[%s]" { channel="mihome:sensor_magnet:158d00028ece61:isOpen" }
// Number Sensor_Puerta_Battery "Sensor Movimiento Bateria Pasillo[%s]" { channel="mihome:sensor_magnet:158d00028ece61:batteryLevel" }
// DateTime Sensor_Puerta_DateTime "Sensor Movimiento AbiertoTiempo[%s]" { channel="mihome:sensor_magnet:158d00028ece61:lastOpened" }

// Lamparitas
Switch Lamp_Xiaomi "Xiaomi Desk Lamp" <light> { channel="miio:generic:03E68E7C:power" }
Number Lamp_Brightness "Xiaomi Desk Lamp2[%s]" <light> { channel="miio:generic:03E68E7C:brightness" }
Number Lamp_temp "Xiaomi Desk Lamp3[%s]" <light> { channel="miio:generic:03E68E7C:colorTemperature" }

Color Bedside_Lamp_Mikel "Xiaomi Bedside Lamp" <light> { channel="miio:generic:03E68E7C:power" }
//Number Bedside_Lamp_Mikel_Brightness "Xiaomi Bedside Lamp2[%s]" <light> { channel="miio:generic:03E68E7C:brightness" }
//Number Bedside_Lamp_Mikel_Lamp_temp "Xiaomi Bedside Lamp3[%s]" <light> { channel="miio:generic:03E68E7C:colorTemperature" }

// Cocina y banio
Switch Interruptor_Cocina "Interruptor Cocina" <switch> { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral2:158d00029b3633:ch1" }
Switch Interruptor_Pasillo "Interruptor Pasillo" <switch> { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral2:158d00029b3633:ch2" }
Switch Banio_Interruptor "Interruptor Banio" <light> (gBanio) { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral2:158d00029b361f:ch1" }
Switch Espejo_Interruptor "Interruptor Espejo" <light> (gBanio) { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral2:158d00029b361f:ch2" }

//Interruptor Sala
Switch Interruptor_Sala "Interruptor Sala" <light> (gSala) { ga="Switch" channel="mihome:ctrl_neutral1:158d00029b966a:ch1" }
Color Leds_Escritorio "Leds Escritorio" <light> { channel="wifiled:wifiled:600194AC6E04:color" }

You’ve shown what it looks like in Google, but that doesn’t tell us what you’ve done in openHAB.

Do you have any devices exposed with tags or metadata so that Google can find them? If not, then I don’t think it will add the service since there’s nothing to control.

Post updated. The old Google Home integration (mentioned in the post) worked well, but after updating to openhab 2.5.x It seems Google Home doesn’t detect the items. Is that code correct? I added a ga="Switch" config to the items.

You need commas between the channel and ga=switch. You may also have to have the channel first, but I’m not sure about that.

The old tag method should still work, so if you had that before then I’m not sure why Google didn’t pick up openHAB.

This was the problem, thank you!