Cant make the webui work?


I have an RPI 4b 8g and im all new to Openhab
I flashed the 32bit version into an SSD and plugged it into the PI (My PI can use it as ive been trying Home assistant on a flashed SSD)

Seems to be installing but cant reach it either at the direct local IP:8080 or the http://openhabian:8080/
I can SSH into it by the CMD in Windows 11 but cant reach the webinterface. How do i troubleshoot or fix this?

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Hello @Silandor

I think the first thing to do would be to look in the logs to see if openhab is running, and the UI actually started and so on.

Please read the docs, openHABian does not support SSDs.

I beg to differ, i just got it working!

Dont ask me how, i did just SSH into it and started playing around with some settings and for some reasons it works now. And yes it on an SSD on a RPI4b, so it dose indeed work with SSD’s

I just said not supported, not that it might not work.

Okay, dont see how’s that helpful tho when someone ask for help. You could of course mention it but some kind of help to move foward would be nice…

No, it just means we are not supporting running openHABian of a SSD and there will be no help from our side.
This is not a standard setup.

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And i completly understand why it wont be any offical support on an unsupported setup. BUT STILL why would it be so incredible hard to just point me to some kind of help anyway? Im completly new to Openhab this was my first installation of it.

I have been using alittle bit Home Assistant before and from thier community and including the developer ive gotten some help in unsupported setups, they have as you mentioned it was unsupported but they dont completly lock you out anyways

Why do you even respond to posts if you not interested in helping a noob like me?

Just to make clear to others reading this topic, not to ask for help on an unsupported setup.
We do not know your individual settings snd cannot give any advise.

You cannot be real, talk about not wanting new ppl trying out Openhab.

Its fine you dont support this setup even tho i find it weird you dont. If you just wrote something like “This setup isent supported but try go to our docs and take a look around” or something like that i wouldent say so mutch.

But your attitude is honestly piss poor against new ppl.

Home Assistant has everything i need to make my smart stuff work, i just wanted to see what Openhab had to offer and then compare both to see witch one to use.

But i guess i can thank you, atleast now i know i wont be using Openhab. You can remove this Topic as in done with your way to “help” and i wont be using Openhab after this anyways

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If you ask questions on openHAB or openHABian, you definitely will get help, but not for unsupported setups.

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