Can't open http://openhab link

Hi there.
I’m just installed OpenHAB with Raspberry Pi and Prepackaged SD Card Image.

Pi booted up and I can ping it.

But I can’t open http://openhab link

what am I doing wrong?

QIP Shot - Screen 254

What’s the IP address of your Raspberry Pi?

Then try

http://{your Pi IP}:8080

looks like openhab is not registered at your local DNS server.
Do you use a different server name ?
What’s the name behind ( check with nslookup and use that name ) ?

QIP Shot - Screen 266

I don’t have local DNS server. I can use only external DNS.
Besides, I can’t use hosts files because of more than 1000 devices with autogenerated hosts in many vlans.

So, how I can turn off in openHABian “openhab” links?
I need only IP address.

Well, with 1k devices it’s for sure time for a DNS resolver.
Then why don’t you just enter the IP in the browser?

I need to use about 30 different DNS servers depending on the device. However, I cannot reassign this.

Using an IP address is not possible without disabling “openhab” links.

How can I disable “openhab” links and use only the ip address?

What happens if you try:

Okay. Webface open up.

But, where is Initial Setup?

I think you don’t have to disable them. They are just hard-coded strings in the setup guide and everywhere. Using just the IP address of your openhab server will work everywhere and won’t cause problems (I’m sure because I use it that way everywhere…).
You should check your log why nothing shows up in the dashboard, maybe the install failed somewhere.

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How I can view logs?

There are several ways to do it.
Through SCP or simply SSH into your openhab server and view it there.
But please have a look at the documentation first, these must be included there.


Okay, thanx guys.

What next?

I don’t use openHABian, so I don’t know.

There are three other topics here:


Maybe there are some hints for you…

So, I think, openHAB is totally broken.

Where I can get working version of openHAB?

Yep, it’s broken.

QIP Shot - Screen 271

No it ain’t broken, it’s just not designed to work in a broken environment like yours.
You certainly have read about the prerequisites, haven’t you ?
Check the debug guide. Follow the guide, maybe the helps you get it to work, but don’t expect us to tell you how. Your setup is just too off-mainstream.

PS: and it is openHABian.