Can't post images


I’m trying to create a topic with 4 images in it. I spent some time preparing them and arranging nicely in the post.
And of course in the very end I received the “New users can only have one image in the post”, so if there’s someone responsible for this damn setting here, I encourage you to burn it out, because it’s probably useless, outdated and frustrating.
What’s worse, I can’t also post links that would point to an image on an external source…

Otherwise, please skip this post, because I’m just trying to convince the system, that I’m not some kind of a bully and really want to create a nice topic.
Perhaps it is not going to consider me as a “new user” after this post.

No, this post didn’t help me :frowning:
I decided to post Can’t configure the Aeotec MultiSensor 6 as-is, because I have no idea how to struggle with it.
If there’s still anyone who knows how to deal with the system, please let me know in this post.

It’s there to prevent spammers.

Is there any valid way to prove that I’m not a spammer?

No shortcut. You have to put in the time.