Can't remove Linked Item from Thing

I swapped locations for a couple of my Wemo Bulbs and thought I could change their respective configurations in PaperUI to reflect their new uses, but I’m finding that I can’t remove the previous linked item from either Thing. Should I delete the Things and rebuild them. or is there a better way? If I delete them, will they reappear in the Inbox? I’m comfortable working with the Karaf console, if there a way to do it there.
Try it via Console

Usage: smarthome:links list - lists all links
Usage: smarthome:links addChannelLink - links an item with a channel
Usage: smarthome:links removeChannelLink - unlinks an item with a channel
Usage: smarthome:links clear - removes all managed links

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Thanks for the reply, but when I try to remove the link, I get this error:

Could not remove link LRWindowLight_Brightness -> wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231551B01006E7:94103EA2B278A1A1:brightness

Here’s the command:
smarthome:links removeChannelLink LRWindowLight_Brightness wemo:MZ100:Bridge-1_0-231551B01006E7:94103EA2B278A1A1:brightness

I even restarted OH2, but no luck.
Any ideas?

How did you create the items?
Automatically created by smart mode , created from within PaperUI, created by an items file.

In my items file.

In this case you ned to change them in the items file!
PaperUI can’t manipulate this file.

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Thank you, it works now.