Can't reset Hue Bulbs

I have a number of Hue bulbs which are connected to OpenHab (using 2.5) directly with no hue bridge. I don’t have a hue bridge.

I want to remove these devices from OpenHab to connect them to another zigbee hub. While I can remove them, I can’t get them reset to a state where they will connect with the other hub. In the past I used “” to do this, but that program is now giving me a syntax error.

Is there anyway to factory reset them from within OpenHab, or directly from the hardware (i.e. some sequence of turning them on and off)?

I have used the dimmer remote to do a touchlink reset. They are not very expensive and it works without tinkering.

I don’t have a dimmer remote - is there a specific one you suggest? How do I pair it with the bulb?

Also - how do I do a “touchlink reset”?

The Philips hue, that looks like a stick. You just press on and off within 10 cm from the bulb and it will reset