Cant se new action from 2.4 only 1.3

Hi I’m using old version of mqtt bindings in openhab 2.4 I have installed 2.4 addons thru apt-get install openhab2-addons. But I can’t see any actions from 2.4 only 1.3 se picture:


Can I use both 1.13 and 2.4 in openhab?

If you are using the MQTT 2 binding, there is no Action Add-on needed.
Read Here.

Thanks but i want to use new version of Telegram Action

OK, sorry for missunderstanding.
And Yes, you can use the Telgram Action 1.13 in OH2.4

Hi, i have the same problem… all my action bindings are only 1.13, i want to use mail action 2.4 but i only have 1.13
Im running openhab 2.4, this is the only version that i have used.

did you find a solution ?

Regards Mads

HI i think that i have found something
if you look at the " email" folder you see that its version 1.13 but why ???
The current newest version is 2.4

The version of openHAB is 2.4, however all action-addons are still in version 1. Because of the compatibility layer they do work with openHAB 2!
The 2.4 you see on the docs page would switch the displayed documentation to the selected version, in case of the actions there is no difference between the selectable latest, 2.4 or …
Looking at the overall addon page here you will see for each addon in the top right corner if it is version 1 or 2 addon.

Hi opus thanks for your reply
Ok so i can use the version 1.13 without problems and
from i can understand there is no 2.4 version of the mail action

when i look here i looks like there is a 1.9 version ?

Yes, you can use the 1.13 version, 1.9 is an older one(if my counting skills are valid).

Ahh yes… its not 1.9x its 1.09 :slight_smile:

just to be sure… the version in the right corner relates to the openhab version and not the “binding” version ?

:+1: Yes

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