Can't see Neato binding when logging to RPi :(

Hi there. I’m new to this smart world. I have sucessfully add’ed my IHC controller to openhab 2, and got it connected.

Now i try to get my Neato Botvac connected.

I did a copy of the .jar file i found ind addons, but when i log on my RP ipadress and go til PaperUI, i can’t find it. What am i doing wrong? The IHC binding went well very fast, and now i am getting kin of frustrated :frowning:

Im runnning Openhabian on the RPi

If you didn’t do it through PaperUI, PaperUI will not show it.

Where did you find this jar file? Where did you copy it to? Is this different from

When i search for “Neato” in Add-ons in PaperUI, i can’t find anything. Therefor i tried to copy the .jar file i found to /usr/share/openhab2/addons.
I did that with the IHC controller .jar file, and it showed up in PaperUI.
Do i need to activate the neato add-on, or what am i doing wrong?

Do i need to run the 2.4.0 Snapshot version of OH? I’m now running the 2.3.0-1 Stable version

Both the IHC and the Neato binding show up in my list.


And as far as I know both should be there for version OH 2.3.

You should never have to copy a jar file over unless it is an unofficially supported binding or it is a development version of a binding that you want to test. Neither of these is the case here.

No, assuming you got the version of the jar file that corresponds with the version of OH you are running it should work. But if you got an older version or a newer version it might not work. The first place to look is the logs for errors.

You can try the latest milestone (M5 which was just released yesterday). But I’m pretty sure that both should be available in 2.3 release.

Do you have Simple Mode disabled? Do you have Show Legacy Bindings enabled?