Can't show Zwave meter values in sitemap for Aeotec smart meter

Hi, sorry for asking such a basic question but I have G1 Aeotec Smart meter that I have set up as Node 2 in my Zwave network. I have configured it to send reports for the current Watts and accumulated kwH every minute. These meter values are coming through in the event.log and I can view and graph them using the habmin panel, paper UI, and the REST api pages, however when I try to create an item and sitemap using the zwave bindings, I never seem to get any values. It’s always zero, “-”, or some crazy large number. Is there a way to debug the zwave binding to understand why the actual values are not getting pulled even though I can see them habmin and the REST api?

A portion of my event.log is as follows:
2017-03-27 17:48:22.594 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zwave_device_7d36d8f0_node2_meter_watts changed from 2194.44 to 2558.64
2017-03-27 17:48:22.676 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zwave_device_7d36d8f0_node2_meter_kwh changed from 624.191 to 624.228
2017-03-27 17:49:22.603 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zwave_device_7d36d8f0_node2_meter_watts changed from 2558.64 to 2198.04
2017-03-27 17:49:22.676 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - zwave_device_7d36d8f0_node2_meter_kwh changed from 624.228 to 624.266

My items file which tries to get these values for use in a sitemap looks like:

Number   HEM_E1    "Power [%.2f W]"     { zwave="2:command=METER, meter_scale=W" }
Number   HEM_E2    "Acumulated [%.2f kWh]"     { zwave="2:command=METER, meter_scale=E_kWh" }

I’ve tried all variations on the item definitions (2:0, 2:1, etc…)

and the sitemap is just.

                Frame  {
                        Text item=HEM_E1
                        Text item=HEM_E2
                //      Switch item=EReset

I’ve enabled zwave debugging but don’t see anything in the logs when I try to pull up my sitemap. Interestingly the default Classic and Basic UI’s give me an autogenerated pullright entry for the meter and I see both values correctly as well as the reset switch. The url for that is http://alarmpi:8080/classicui/app#_0002 vs http://alarmpi:8080/classicui/app?sitemap=power. Clearly the values are getting through someplace because I can see them in various places, so I must be missing something basic in creating the simple item and sitemap :slight_smile: I really would like to be able to make my own sitemap for this so I can add additional information on the same page.


You have not specifically stated it, but I presume you are running OH 2.0 since you are referring to Paper UI (and the content of the log file).

However, your item file (for the zwave items) is using the syntax from OH 1.8 - something that is clearly wrong (unless you for some reason are running the zwave 1.8 binding under OH 2.0, or something).

I suggest you take a look at your items file and fix the syntax.

As a guide, here are my items for a HEM-G2 from Aetoec:

Number		B01T001_sPower		{ channel="zwave:device:e402b8c8:node16:meter_watts" }
Number		B01T001_sEnergy		{ channel="zwave:device:e402b8c8:node16:meter_kwh" }
Number		B01T001_sVoltage	{ channel="zwave:device:e402b8c8:node16:meter_voltage" }
Number		B01T001_sCurrent	{ channel="zwave:device:e402b8c8:node16:meter_current" }
Switch		B01T001_aReset		{ channel="zwave:device:e402b8c8:node16:meter_reset" }

Thanks so much for your help! Working perfectly now. Yes it isOpenHab2 and it was the new format. I had been looking around at various examples and documentation on the zwave bindings and didn’t see the new format. I always thought that the zwave binding starting with the node number was shorthand notation for the full device name that I was seeing in paper. I should have tried that in the first place…